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Damp Proofing

Types of Damp Problems

Many home owners suffer from damp issues all across the Uk. If left untreated, damp can cause serious damage, not only to the structure and contents of your home, but to your health and well being as well.

Here at NewEra Developments, we have a wealth of knowledge and years of experience to help resolve any damp issues you may be suffering with in your home.

Our dedicated team of experts carry out an examination of the property to asses which type of damp your home is suffering from and the extent of the problem at hand.

We can then diagnose the most effective way to successfully treat the damp and carry out the work with care and attention.

Damp is caused from too much moisture being present within the home. This has either been created internally, or passed through from the external.

By damp proofing your home, you keep excess moisture out of your property and help prevent water being absorbed through the floors and walls of your building.

There are several different ways excess moisture can be prevented and the best damp proofing method will depend on your home.

Protecting Your Home From Damp
  • Repair any damaged roof tiles
  • Keep air vents clear from obstruction
  • Check for any stains on internal walls
  • Check sealant around windows and doors
  • Watch out for any leaking pipes
  • Gutters and drains are free from blockages

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